A Big Welcome To Hammer's Muay Thai Kickboxing Martial Arts & Fitness Centre From Mark “Hammer” Castagnini, Founder and Head Instructor of Hammer's Gym in Blackburn

Fighting spirit earns assault victim a lesson with Dolph Lundgren


THE Melbourne woman who fought off a street thug, then bravely appeared bruised and battered in an online video just hours later, has earned a one-on-one with a Hollywood heavyweight.

Property management consultant Clare Verrall enjoyed a few fighting tips from Expendables actor Dolph Lundgren after more than one million people around the world watched her plea for women to take self-defence lessons.

Ms Verrall had been walking her dog in Windsor when she was targeted in a random attack, but kicked the assailant in the groin and left him sprawled on the footpath.

”I was walking with my headphones in and I knew that I shouldn’t be doing that,” Ms Verrall said.


Located in Melbourne, Victoria – Hammers Gym is the martial arts training centre that ticks all the Boxes Former Muay Thai Champion, Kru Mark “The Hammer” Castagnini is Head Instructor and the Heart of Hammers Gym. Hammer is one of the countries most recognised and renowned Muay Thai instructors and specialist commentator for the sport on Fox Sports!

Specialising in Muay Thai, a fully structured teaching system is offered to males and females of all ages from beginners to advanced. In addition, classes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kyokushin Karate, Yoga and Fitness Training are also offered. Hammers also offers classes tailor made for Kids (6 – 12years) and Teens (13 – 16years) that focus on technique, self-defence & fun!!

We pride ourselves on offering a positive learning environment with a great energy and attitude while teaching our students and sharing the culture of these amazing martial arts.
Only a few limited spots available.

Book now on: 03 9878 9266

Why teach children Martial Arts?

A practical Muay Thai Kickboxing, Kids Martial Art, Self Defence and
Anti Bullying Training System.

• Builds self-confidence & discipline
• Great for developing motor skills
• Improves concentration levels
• Excellent for making new friends
• Teaches self defence
• Teaches children to respect other children


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